Pisces, Virgo, Quantum Physics and You!
                                                                              By Dulce Bell-Bulley
                                                                                    Sept 12, 2007

You don’t have to be a Virgo or a Pisces to read this article. You have the energy of all 12 signs of the zodiac operating on a consistent basis in your life. You don’t have to know anything about quantum physics either. The only questions you might ask yourself are: “Why am I here, living this life? I could have been doing something else. Why did I choose this path?” Or “What other possibilities could I explore?”

It’s buzz talk now that we create our own reality. We’ve heard it a lot and our scientists have shown us that indeed it is true. The field of quantum physics teaches us that we live in a paradigm of pure potential – anything is open to us. Observe light out the corner of your eye and it behaves like a wave – lots and lots of parallel lives – lots of choices. Yet the moment you fix your attention on that same light, it becomes a particle. It is defined. You have chosen. That is your reality.

Evidently we’re not evolved enough to handle multiple streams of consciousness and thus live multiple lives. It appears that at this point in our evolution, we must chose a particular life and focus on one thing at a time.

This is where quantum physics connects with astrology. You can use astrology to help you understand how quantum physics works for you. We do this by looking at four factors: Pisces, Virgo and their ruling planets Neptune and Chiron, and to some extent Mercury.

Virgo and Pisces, which are ruled by Chiron and Neptune respectively, are naturally opposite each other. You’ll see that in your chart. The Pisces part of your chart merges you with spirit. It’s the softest part of you. You may have difficulty defining yourself here, or even defending yourself. It’s your compassion spot, or the place where you’d rather not face reality. There’s that word again!

Pisces is the field of pure potential. It is ruled by Neptune, the planet that promises us eternal life, movies, escape, dreams and inspiration. Where Pisces falls in your chart is where you have access to this field of pure potential. This is also true of where Neptune falls in your chart. Both of these areas are places of potential. For example: you may have your Neptune in Scorpio. We know that dreamy Neptune in intense Scorpio is interested in melding, merging, and fusing with the Great Divine. This can occur through the sexual encounter, altered states of consciousness or powerful spiritual experience. Neptune in Scorpio promises the allure of disappearing into something, or someone.

Identifying where your Neptune is, helps you see how you might explore the realm of pure potential.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the chart is Virgo. This is reality. This is where you work, serve, clean up, eat, digest your food, and so on. This is likely to be the busiest part of your chart, and possibly the area where you experience the most satisfaction from your busyness, or the most anxiety.

All of us get to make a choice about the kind of life, job, career, family, and so on, that we want. Virgo is the energy that helps us make that choice. Virgo is discerning and discriminating. It is the decision making factor in the chart. Even if you don’t make a choice, you are making one. Chiron the wounded healer is the modern day ruler of Virgo. Where he and Virgo fall in your chart are the areas in which you are likely to fixate upon a choice and let that become your current reality.

Now, we’ve heard a great deal lately, about how to align ourselves physically with our desires. Virgo deals primarily with the cells and molecules of the body. It is Virgo’s tremendous task to hold emotions, like joy, in the body so that you materialize the reality you want. If you’re unconscious, and most of us are from time to time, you’re likely to hold sorrow, or pain in the molecular body and thus attract that to you. This is why the placement of Chiron in the birth chart is so critical.

Chiron governs our attachment to the material plane. He operates out of a pain/consciousness paradigm. Until we are awake, we chose a life style (reality) that fully involves the physical, emotional, and mental body. We often feel pain in these bodies. Indeed, we identify with the pain body and think it’s who we are. (Eckhart Tolle, A New Earth)

Chiron’s role in astrology, and in thus in our lives, is to help us identify where our attention is. Once we know what we’re focused on we can discern our reality. For example, you might have Chiron in earthy Taurus. This tells us that your wound (Chiron) is associated with what you might consider valuable. You may be a compulsive shopper. You may question the values of your parents and teachers, wondering what on earth it is, that you really consider to be important. We know because of your Chiron placement that your focus, or place of distraction, is on the material world (Taurus). Thus that is your current reality – your job, money, shopping; stuff.

On a positive level, applying consciousness to your choice of the material world as a focus, you may be deeply sensitive to the earth based world as an artist, a gardener, a designer and so on. In other words, you experience a deep symbiosis (love, respect) with the earth and her physical properties.

It’s helpful to have a positive relationship between Chiron and Neptune in your chart. A trine (120°) or sextile (60°) allows the two of them to work together. As a happy couple these two energies allow you to float through the field of pure potential, experiencing the many options available to you, and choosing the best (or the worst) easily. However, just because Chiron and Neptune may be connected sweetly to each other in your chart doesn’t necessarily mean that you have the wisdom to make the right choice. The connection is simply easier that someone with difficult aspects between the two.

Speaking of difficult aspects – a square (90°), the conjunction (0°), the opposition (180°) and the quincunx (150°) between Chiron and Neptune in your natal chart, suggest that accessing the field of pure potential and dealing with your reality, may be two very different things. You may, because of the natural friction associated with these aspects, be more vigilant or active, concerning your unconscious mind and how it creates your reality. Or than again, maybe not; it all depends on your state of consciousness.

We know that being able to use quantum physics to our advantage requires our attention. From an astrological perspective, Chiron and Neptune in the birth chart can help us do this. Examine these two and your life, and see what their connection is. In my chart Chiron is in Pisces and trines Neptune in Scorpio. In order to connect my choices with my options I have to practice a spiritual life. I cannot be separate from Source. The minute I separate from Source my ego emerges and takes over. It’s scary as hell! So see what these two planets have to say for you. Call me for a session on this subject if you like.

Mercury, the planet that helps collect and connect your thoughts is also important in the process. Where Mercury lives in your chart, the sign and house placement, and how Mercury connects to both Chiron and Neptune provides more valuable information on how you might selectively create your reality. Mercury is the way in which you mentally process your life’s experience. If Mercury is in a water sign like Pisces, Cancer or Scorpio, you may be interested in a reality that has a strong feeling (watery) element to it. Not so for the person with an air Mercury (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius). This person is interested in knowledge and the intellect (air) and may create a reality around these themes. While the earth based Mercury – Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn – considers physical issues like work and practical activities as strong anchors for their reality. Finally, the fire Mercury folks like Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are interested in creation and breaking new ground. They may foster a reality based on their art work, or on their romantic or creative lives.

As we become more aware of where our attention is, we become more adept at using the field of quantum physics, which we’ve been doing already since landing here on earth, to our advantage. By examining the areas of your chart where Virgo and Pisces oppose each other – you’re able to identify both the dynamic of Pisces – your possible options, with the principle of Virgo – what you choose to do.

In similar fashion Neptune and Chiron in your chart indicate the modalities, the particular energies you employ to access the field of pure potential and to choose your reality with the help of Mercury who orients you to your preferred life style. Astrology is a helpful tool and a way in which to see how you may define yourself, and how you explore the options presented by multiple lives and multiple choices.

From my perspective, as your astrologer, love is the glue that connects potential with reality. Once we feel love in the cells of our body we instantly connect with the infinite, and from that endless resource we draw to us, what we need. And that, my friends is the relationship between Neptune and Chiron. It’s a love relationship. They work best together when love is spoken (Mercury).

Many blessings for a healthy, wealthy, fun and loving reality!
Your astrologer,

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